hair feathers

Feather hair extensions are a great way to accessorize your hair easily. Read on for more info on how to do it your self, celebrity style photos of feather extensions and more info in why you may NOT want to use feather hair extensions.

Firstly, feathers and super versatile and can be straightened, washed, blow-dried and curled, and they can last up to eight weeks when care for properly! Second, you can get feathers for extensions in virtually any color or length you want (usually between 3 and 16 inches). Many feather extensions come in bundles of 4 to 6 feathers that are fused together to make it super easy to add them to your hair.

You can go to many salons for extensions that are professionally done, but it is also super easy to do on your own or with a friend. Check out the next section on DIY feather extensions.

HOW-TO DIY Feather Extensions:

Feather hair extensions are super easy to put in and take out by yourself or with a friend. See the supply list and how to videos below.

You’ll need:

  • Pliers (most supply shops will try to sell you special crimping pliers, but generally any pliers you have around will work fine).
  • Wire Loop or Hair Hook (you could also use a small crochet hook).
  • Micro crimping beads (silicone lined ones grab on to hair and feathers better and are easy to remove later).
  • ..and the feathers, duh.


Where the feathers come from:

When buying feathers or getting the extensions done at a salon consider where the feathers come from. According to Glamour “salons can’t get enough feathers to satisfy the demand of their clientele for the feather hair extensions.” Basically this means they are running short on roosters to slaughter for harvesting their feathers. Environmentalist and animal rights groups liken feather extensions to wearing real fur. I’m not here to make a decision for you but keep in mind that there are synthetic feather options available out there instead of natural ones.


Celebrities wearing feather hair extensions:

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha and others have been seen wearing feather hair extensions. The first photo below of Jennifer is a great look with long wavy hair.