Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

When you color treat your hair, you want to keep it looking like the day you got it done for weeks. To keep your hair color from fading, it just takes some simple steps to protect your hair and keep the color vibrant.

Just The Tip

Check out these 15 hair color inspiration ideas for dying just the ends of your hair. Clearly I like long wavy hair. this first one with great blonde hair and purple ends is may favorite of the bunch, but I’m loving the pink ends too.

Bright Yellow Hair – 7 unique color inspiration photos

Not a color you see often, but so unique and cool. This isn’t your ordinary brighter blonde color, nope, it’s real intense gold to highlighter yellow!

7 Bright Yellow Hair unique color inspiration pictures.

Peach unique hair color inspiration

If your looking for a unique hair color to try out, take a look at these examples of peach hair colors. Not a color often seen out in the wild. And don’t confuse this for ginger or redish-blond hair, it borders on orange sometimes, but it’s definitely its own flavor of awesome.

28 pictures of Katy Perry rocking Blue Hairstyles

Katy Perry clearly loves rocking some Blue Hairstyles. From a simple bob-cut to fancy up-dos and varying length wigs, she’s worn her hair in lots of shades and styles of blue.