iguana different hairstyle

Iguana Be Your Hairstyle

Iguana Be Your Hairstyle. Seriously though, way to many people have had an iguana or other lizard carved out of their hair. Looks pretty cool.. for five minutes.


  • Iguana be on your head.
  • Iguana different hairstyle?
  • The fabled Hairguana.
  • Iguana be your friend?


fun blonde multi-color temporary hair color

Daily Hair Spotting – Fun multi-color blonde hair

Looks like temporary hair color to me, like a colour hair masque or hair chalk. I guess it could be dyed, but either way it looks super cool with the natural light blonde on top and then streaks of color layered underneath. (more…)

The SFPD And What Happens If You Are Assaulted In San Francisco

Everyone should know what will happen if you are assaulted in San Francisco and beaten by the SFPD because of their arrogance and lust for power.

Take a look at this report of blatantly sexist action taken against this guy because of some girls lies after he was brutally beaten up by her friends and then beaten again by SFPD because of the lies of this terrible person and the lust for power the SFPD officers have.


I’m disgusted by the police state that America has become. I hope all these people and the police officers involved are prosecuted for their crimes.

how I wish hair worked lego movie hair

Lego Movie Hair

I wish my hair worked like this! ..only not from awesome messy to basic comb over. Just the chunky messy style. And maybe being able to style it any way I want instantly with a magic comb. 🙂

how I wish hair worked lego movie hair
how I wish hair worked lego movie hair


Lego Movie Hair Gif