high protein foods for healthy hair

Healthy Food Healthy Hair

Hair loss experts have discovered that people have excellent hair growing results by following a diet that is balanced between fruits, vegetables, and low fat protein. Many other hair care experts recommend this as very helpful for hair care concerns.

Other basic hair health tips are:

1. Avoid or reduce smoking, caffeine and carbonated sodas which weaken the body and block maximum hair growing potential.

2. Establish a healthy diet. Reduce the intake of foods that are high in sugar or fat.

3. Drink lot of water, which helps in intoxication of wastes from the body.

4. How would you treat your hair if it was a fine thread of silk? Treat it similarly avoiding any unnecessary brushing, combing or rough handling.

5. Try to avoid using very hot water, hot blow dryers or other hair care tools that may stress the hair.

6. If possible, go for a weekly scalp massage which helps in root stimulation to the hair follicles and helps to maintain the hair consistency too.

7. Follow a series of hot oil treatments to protect the hair’s shaft.

8. Trim your hair regularly to avoid hair breakage, to eliminate split ends and to have a healthier look and feel of your hair.

9. Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to grow hair. Another secret hair helper is rest and sleep. It has been discovered that to grow faster, hair needs an adequate amount of sleep (somewhere around 7-9 hours are suggested). Try following the above tips seriously, and you will see the difference.

Hair Growth Blockers 

Excessive stress and heavy medications are overwhelmingly known to impede hair growth. But if you have a medical condition where your physician has prescribed medications, it is essential that you follow your doctor’s instructions regardless of the impact to your hair.

Warning: If you are planning to take any new type of vitamin, mineral program or herbal program, do consult your doctor BEFORE you try them to make sure it does not interfere with the medical treatment you may currently be on.

However, if you are under severe stress it is helpful to reduce the stress as much as possible. Consider meditation, yoga or relaxation as a way to cut down on any major stress in your life. Your hair will thank you for it.


Healthy Food Healthy Hair, basically everything you put into your body affects you hair. Eat healthily and your hair will look and feel much nicer.  …duh.

high protein foods for healthy hair
fruits vegetables and high protein low fat foods for healthy hair
Pink and natural ombre short hairstyle

Short Hair Styles and Cuts

Looking for the perfect short hair cut?

Or maybe you need a few tips on hair care, style or how to manage and maintain the hair style you already have?
The Right Short Hair Cut and Style

Deciding on the right short hair cut is a combination of technique and art. It is all about the basic elements of balance, line and movement. Optionally try getting your hands on consultation tools and virtual styling software to try out different hair styles and decide on the right style which is suitable for your face.

You need that special skill to choose the right cut.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a short hair style. It is believed that the perfect style can only be achieved when you have well thought-out all the options. When selecting a new hairstyle the following criteria’s should be considered for best result: The cut must match your personality, career, lifestyle, time constraints, body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color, and skin tone. And it should create a sense of balance between your head, face, and body.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>If you have an ideal short hair style it makes you feel happy and confident each time you look at yourself in the mirror.</p>

Short hair cuts are timeless; they can make you look younger and at the same time more intelligent. They boost your confidence and make you feel more in control. It’s a great option for career women who want to project a strong yet feminine image and spend less time managing their hair.


Find Styles that fit you face shape.

A well short crop would be suitable for Oval shapes. If you face is square shape but you are more interested on a crop, try to go with a longer style that suits your jaw line.  A super short crop will only enhance jaw line angles.
Round shapes may be able to pull off a crop if it’s designed with height along the crown and enough fullness along the sides to provide a slimming effect for round cheeks. Cropped styles may also blow up prominent chins that are often found on heart shaped face, triangular or inverted pears.


Styling Products, Tools and Technique

Styling products can help you reproduce that “fresh-from-the-salon” look at home. To go super short youwill find a whole new world of alternates to select from. This will include styling products, tools and techniques.
Some styling products are specifically designed to work with very short hair. Styling products for very short hair can be used equally by women and men.
Styling mousse is very popular and has been refined to include many different types.
Discovering the right hair care products for you will help ensure beautiful, healthy hair. Few of the products are mentioned below.

Shampoos and Conditioner: Robert’s New Shine Booster Shampoo, Folli-cleanse deep cleansing shampoo, Awaken &amp; Replenish Shampoo, Golden Root Shampoo, Emu oil Shampoo, No Weight Daily Conditioner, Awaken &amp; Replenish Conditioner, Seventh Heaven Conditioner and Emu oil Conditioner

Shampoos with Vitamins: Hair Nutrition Vitamins, Enzy Block For Hair Loss in Thinning Hair in men &amp; women, Vitamin Shampoo, Fungus Therapy and Hair Nutrition Vitamins

Mousse: Paves Professional Flawless Red Carpet Mousse, Giovanni – Natural Mousse – Air-Turbo Charged, Paul Brown Mousse Gel, Jason All Natural Mousse, Rene Furterer – Volumizing Mousse and Thicker Fuller Hair (Thickening Mousse)

Texture Spray: Rene Furterer – Gentle Solution – Soft Hold, Rene Furterer – Instant Hold Finishing Spray, Phyto – Phytolaque Soie Hair Spray, PhytoVolume Actif Volume Spray and Rawhold Hairspray

Shine Products:  Paul Brown Hawaii – Diamond Heads Cuticle Sealant, Phyto – PhytoLisse (Formerly Phytodefrisant RelaxSerum), Philip Pelusi – Glisten – Anti-Frizz Spray &amp; Sunguard, Love That Shine and Love The Shine Spray.

Oil: Emu Oil and Jojoba Oil<strong> </strong>

Combs: Try to use good ceramic round brush for best results.

Play with Colors

The added benefit of short hair style is to play up hair color, whether you’re own or an added shade.  Working with hair color is important because it can add the appearance of fullness and dimension to thin or fine strands. Enhancing your natural shade or going for a totally different color are great ways to update your look. Choose the right hair color and hair treatment so you can create an exciting new look for every occasion.


cute blonde and brunette split short style
cute blonde and brunette split short style
Pink and natural ombre short hairstyle
Pink and natural ombre short hairstyle
american apparel ads bad idea strayhair

Some stray hair in American Apparels new ads

On the verge of bankruptcy, American Apparel, has opted for several significantly more risque magazine ads. Although this one is in Purple Magazine (a French fashion mag that has no problem with any type of nudity) there is something provocative about the ad because pubic hair and really mostly all body hair is thought of as icky and gross. I guess we’ll see if American Apparels stray hairs do anything to clean up their act financially.

american apparel ads bad idea strayhair
american apparel ads bad idea strayhair
intense girl mohawk multi color

A Visual History of Mohawk Hairstyles

A *possibly brief and shitty* Visual History of Mohawk Hairstyles!


The Mohawk hairstyle consists of shaving both sides of the head, parting a bit of markedly longer hair. Mohawks became universal in punk subculture and Rivethead subculture in the 1980s and were then accepted by various other crowds, suitable more varied in style. Today, Mohawks are still associated with the Punk subculture, however have also become a part of everyday fashion hairstyles, specifically with more toned-down faux-hawk styles.

intense girl mohawk multi color
Great Mohawk on this girl with a bit of a mullet in back.. kinda a fohawk cause you could wear this hair down if you need to blend in with the crowd, like at work.


A 2000-year-old male swamp body found near Dublin, Ireland, was found to be having a Mohawk, held together with plant oil and pine resin. The Mohawk have been worn by the Mohawk and Mahican tribes; it is alleged that the Wyandot were the first Native American tribe to wear the hairstyle. A lot of other records of Native American cultures on the other hand claim that ”In times of war, Mohawk men shaved their heads except for a scalp-lock or a crest down the center of their head”–the hairstyle known as “Mohawk.”  During World War II, Allied Airborne soldiers shaved their hair into Mohawks.

In the recent past, both sides are shaved or buzzed, and the remaining hair is long and spiked. The hairstyle is known as a “Mohawk” in the US and a “Mohican” or “Mowie” in the UK. In Punk style, the Mohawk is dyed radiant colors and the center bit of hair points straight up to impressive height. The revision of the Mohawk by rebel leaning punk rockers emblematically elected their involvement in a battle against power, most frequently being the government or capitalism. The Mohawk also appears in the Goth subculture, a close relative of punk, with the hair spiked or long.

As part of punk fashion, the Mohawk became popular of Mr. T, the actor who first playing the boxer Clubber Lang in the movie Rocky III and later as Baracus in the TV series The A-Team. Another familiar admired illustration of the Mohawk came from Martin Scorsese’s 1977 film Taxi Driver.

celebrity mohawk pink hairstyle
Pink with an awesome pink mohawk / fohawk.


How To Maintenance Mohawks Hairstyles

The Mohawk is, by its character, naturally a high-maintenance style. After put into practice, maintenance of the style can become quite usual for the wearer and finished in a much less time. Based on the definite look preferred by the wearer, standard, careful shaving is required to uphold a clean line between the shaven and parts of the hair; this can be in particular thorny in bi- and tri- hawks.

If the hair is to be tattered up, 40 minutes or more of painstaking styling, including combing, backcombing, slanting and so on, may be necessary. Some methods are particularly complicated to set up, requiring the use of sprays, and in some cases other agents like, clear glue, egg white, gelatin, or cornstarch. The sum of time necessary for styling may boost noticeably with longer hair or styles that require spikes. Based on the technique used to spike a Mohawk, it can take less than 30 minutes. The use of gel and dryer cuts down greatly on the time required. The finest way to do it and keep it fresh could be to apply hair spray to dry hair from the bottom and toil your way up to the top while drying. The finest way to preserve longer mohawks is to put it into liberty spikes; this is much sooner and holds much longer.

On the other hand, once the Mohawk is up it can be easily preserved for an extensive period. By resting on the side of the head with the Mohawk expanding in the air, daily upholding takes only a minutes of support touching up. Based on what is applied to put the Mohawk up, and the settings it lasts, a Mohawk can stay stiff for several weeks. Some people improve their Mohawk using dyes. This too can engage a great pact of early effort and preservation, mainly in fashion where the colors form a vital part of the style. Sometimes, Mohawk-users who normally sport their hair up in a fan style dye, the hair in even lines or bands of color, either flat or erect.


Huge punk style Mohawk
Huge punk style Mohawk


Other Types of Mohawks Hairstyles

  • 360 Mohawk – Having a mohawk that expands into a fringe.
  • Tophawk – A mohawk that is only on the top of the wearer’s head.
  • Chelseahawk – A combination between a chelsea cut and a mohawk.
  • BiHawk- having two mohawks
  • Duohawk- Mohawk is split into two parts.
  • Trihawk – Having three mohawks.
  • Deathhawk – A teased hair mohawk.
  • Fauxhawk – A fake mohawk. Normal hair put up in mohawk style, or one that is less than 2 inches in length.
  • Mocombover – A mohawk specifically used to cover the bald sides of the shaven head by combing the long hair over the sides as in a comb over.
  • Mullhawk – A mohawk combined with a mullet,
  • Libertyhawk – Having a spiked mohawk.
  • Inverted Mohawk – Shaving a strip down the middle of ones head, and leaving hair everywhere else (a different kind of landing strip, lol).
  • Sunhawk – A mohawk where, rather than front to back, the hair extends over the head from one ear to the other.
  • Garbohawk – An un-fanned hawk most commonly seen on women.


pink mohawk and blond super spikes
pink mohawk and blond super spikes



The faux hawk (fohawk or faux-hawk) continues to dominate cutting-edge urban hairstyling with a vengeance.
It’s crazy, it’s messy, it requires dangerous amounts of styling product.

The glamor of the 1950s pompadour fused with punk, bad-ass, big 1980s hair.

A hairstyle in which a strip of hair across the top of the head is longer and higher than the hair on the remainder of the head.
A faux hawk is in the styling, not the cut, so there is nothing you need to know about cutting for this.

But if you opt to create the style entirely with scissors, you should use a traveling guide to ensure uniform lengths. (You can optionally create the style with tapered sides whether you use clippers or scissors.)
The “strip” can be minimized or maximized as preferred for an individual situation through styling.
The hair strip can be as long as desired, but is usually one-or-two inches longer than the shorter lengths which are generally between ¼ and ¾ inch (but can be virtually any length).</span></span>

The finished cut can be styled using mousse or hair gel and dried using diffuser to create stand-up spikes, or blown into a tousled look.

If you want more definition in your “strip” use a little pomade on the fingers and work it into the hair, pulling the textured hair into points.

A faux-hawk with long hair blends rock-and-roll punk flavor with classic elegance and style due to the way the hair is swept up on the sides of the head.


super cute white-blonde fohawk
super cute white-blonde fohawk
super punk pink mohawk
super punk pink mohawk
womens fohawk hairstyles 1
womens fohawk hairstyles 1
faux hawk braided blonde
faux hawk braided blonde
fauxhawk short red
fauxhawk short red
fauxhawk short
fauxhawk short


Do not wash your hair directly before styling a faux-hawk, especially if your hair is soft and fine. Although this helps to keep your hawk in place I really don’t recommend not washing your hair, especially before going out on a date.. guys. lol.

If your hair is thin, tease it to help maintain volume.

Styling paste or glue will work best to keep your faux-hawk in place.

Use your hands to make your hair stand up straight.

super cool crop-cut drawing artwork girl

Hairstyle Artwork Drawing

Check out this super cool hairstyle drawing. Blonde girl with a messy forward combed crop cut hairstyle but with really nice pink and blue highlights! Would be awesome to get my hair to do this in real life with big messy chunks like that.

super cool crop-cut drawing artwork girl
super cool crop-cut drawing artwork girl