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Price of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal is definitely a major consideration in deciding whether to undergo treatment.
Costs depend on a variety of factors including your location, the kind of laser being used and the amount of hair you are seeking to have removed. Costs may even be determined by the amount of time the various sessions take, which body part you are having completed, and what type of payment package you select.

For example, you might be eligible for sure discounts for paying in advance. Be an informed consumer. Research carefully the various options available in your area before you pick a treatment middle.

Keep in mind that cost is not the only factor to think about. Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to quality of service. Also, make sure you have a realistic sense of cost BEFORE you start a treatment program. That means discussing with the clinician how plenty of treatments you’ll likely require.
The cost of laser hair removal is the most common laser hair removal query that hair gets. Below is a discussion of how laser hair removal clinics select the prices for laser hair removal and why.

The cost of laser hair removal varies greatly according the uniqueness of each person. All patterns of hair growth are unique. Therefore the results of laser hair removal and the cost of laser hair removal will even be unique. That is why some clinics require you to come in for a consultation before they quote laser hair removal pricing.

Some male back hair may grow in densely and evenly with thick hair shafts while other back hair may grow in sparsely and in patches of fine hair. Of work there’s all variables of hair growth in between. All females have some facial hair. Some females have facial hair that is noticeable only because it is thicker and darker than somebody who has fine, light hair. Other females have facial hair because of hormonal factors.

Laser hair removal pricing structures can vary from clinic to clinic, but often the various quotes for laser hair removal pricing will be the same or similar in the finish.

Here are some ways that laser hair removal clinics select the cost of laser hair removal:

Flat Fee
Laser hair removal prices are sometimes made on a flat fee basis. The flat fee might be on a per treatment basis or a package of treatments basis. It could mean that all men’s backs are $500 per treatment all of the time no matter how much hair you have on your back, or it that per treatment flat fee could be based on your particular back hair growth patterns. The clinic might charge for a flat fee package of treatments which may or may not vary according to the individual’s body hair growth patterns.

Similar to the common pricing structure of electrolysis some laser clinics charge per 15 minute segment for laser hair removal. Let’s say a clinic charges $100 per 15 minute segment of laser hair removal. If a man’s back takes about an hour (see chart of average times to remove body hair) it would cost $400 per treatment. Of work the cost of hair removal will be affected by the amount of hair to be removed, and the speed of the laser technician and the speed of the laser hair removal machine.

Fee per pulse
Laser hair removal pricing can be based on the number of pulses that it takes to complete an area of body hair. Each time the laser fires, it is called “a pulse.” One pulse takes about one second and can remove more or less than a hundred hairs and can range from the area of a dime to the area of a quarter. Some laser clinics charge by the pulse. For example, a laser clinic might charge a dollar per pulse with a maximum fee per area. A bikini might cost $300 based on a maximum charge of $150 which includes the first 150 pulses as well as a dollar per pulse thereafter. You only get charged for actual pulses unless you have fewer pulses than the maximum. As you progress in your series of laser hair removal treatments, your cost per treatment may decline as you have less hair to be removed. Different lasers have different spot sizes and will therefore have different prices per pulse.

In conclusion there’s a selection of ways that laser hair removal clinics select the cost of laser hair removal. Explaining laser hair removal, including laser hair removal cost can be a challenge. Most laser hair removal pricing comes out to be the same or similar in the finish, but laser clinics may favor different pricing structures for reasons such as their own ease of use, or reliability, or because they like to personalize pricing according to the client’s needs. Some may or may not be able to reply to your pricing questions by e mail. It is always worth emailing them to ask.


Cost of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Bikini area – $350 and $500.
  • Back – $600 and $900.
  • Chest – $350 and $600.
  • Upper and lower legs – $600 to $850
  • Arms – $350 to $500.
  • Underarms – $250 to $350.
  • Face and neck – $600 to $900.