Waxing – Hair Removal

waxing hair removal guide

Waxing is the most common temporary hair removal procedure. It was one of the procedures that you have the option to do it in the privacy of your home or at the spa by a professional.

Your hair grows in three different cycles:
1. Anagen (the growth cycle)
2. Catagen (the transition cycle)
3. Telogen (rest cycle, and then starts over).

Hair growth cycles diagram
Hair growth cycles diagram


Based on the cycle your hair is in when you get waxed it will be anywhere from 3-8 weeks before you’re ready for your next wax treatment.

When getting a waxing treatment you want your hair to be the correct length to ensure that your hairs will grab to the wax and that the results will last longer. The correct length is approximately ¼ inch, a good measuring tool is your eyebrows. If you are afraid it may hurt take a couple aspirin about 20 minutes before to help reduce an inflammation from the hairs pulling.

*If you are on any vitamin-a creams (Retin-A, Retinol), or Accutane you cannot get waxed until 30 days after your treatments have been stopped.