Healthy Food Healthy Hair

high protein foods for healthy hair

Hair loss experts have discovered that people have excellent hair growing results by following a diet that is balanced between fruits, vegetables, and low fat protein. Many other hair care experts recommend this as very helpful for hair care concerns.

Other basic hair health tips are:

1. Avoid or reduce smoking, caffeine and carbonated sodas which weaken the body and block maximum hair growing potential.

2. Establish a healthy diet. Reduce the intake of foods that are high in sugar or fat.

3. Drink lot of water, which helps in intoxication of wastes from the body.

4. How would you treat your hair if it was a fine thread of silk? Treat it similarly avoiding any unnecessary brushing, combing or rough handling.

5. Try to avoid using very hot water, hot blow dryers or other hair care tools that may stress the hair.

6. If possible, go for a weekly scalp massage which helps in root stimulation to the hair follicles and helps to maintain the hair consistency too.

7. Follow a series of hot oil treatments to protect the hair’s shaft.

8. Trim your hair regularly to avoid hair breakage, to eliminate split ends and to have a healthier look and feel of your hair.

9. Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to grow hair. Another secret hair helper is rest and sleep. It has been discovered that to grow faster, hair needs an adequate amount of sleep (somewhere around 7-9 hours are suggested). Try following the above tips seriously, and you will see the difference.

Hair Growth Blockers 

Excessive stress and heavy medications are overwhelmingly known to impede hair growth. But if you have a medical condition where your physician has prescribed medications, it is essential that you follow your doctor’s instructions regardless of the impact to your hair.

Warning: If you are planning to take any new type of vitamin, mineral program or herbal program, do consult your doctor BEFORE you try them to make sure it does not interfere with the medical treatment you may currently be on.

However, if you are under severe stress it is helpful to reduce the stress as much as possible. Consider meditation, yoga or relaxation as a way to cut down on any major stress in your life. Your hair will thank you for it.


Healthy Food Healthy Hair, basically everything you put into your body affects you hair. Eat healthily and your hair will look and feel much nicer.  …duh.

high protein foods for healthy hair
fruits vegetables and high protein low fat foods for healthy hair