The Hair Dryer Glossary

hair dryer glossary

The Hair Dryer Glossary

Know what your buying when you’re looking for a new blow dryer.



Often used it professional hair dryers. It’s less noisy, but weighs more and usually lasts longer.



Stuff like diffusers and nozzles that spread out heat and air in different ways. BLOWDRYER BRUSH: Basically what it sounds like. A multi-purpose styler which combines a brush and a blowdryer.



Ceramic technology is used to push Soft Heat more evenly throughout your hair. COLD SHOT: A feature on your hair dryer that gives a blast of cold air to help set hair and further close the cuticle. DC



Normally found in less expensive hair dryers. Lighter in weight but doesn’t last as long as an AC type motor. DIFFUSER: An attachment used to dry naturally curly of wavy hair without messing up the pattern of the hair.



Negatively charged ions are generated to dry hair faster by breaking up water droplets at higher speeds. That’s just science. 🙂 INFRARED HEAT: A laser-like technology that heats up your hair from the inside out.



Adjust your temperature, yo.



A type of stone used to increase the production of negatively charged ions.



The amount of electricity you’re gonna fry yourself with if you drop it in the bath tub. J/K there are safety features that cut off the power if you do that.