Angelina Jolie Platinum Blonde Faux-Dreads In Gone In 60 Seconds

Everyone remembers this Gone In 60 Seconds, right? Well you should, there are awesome cars, a bit of illegal activity, and Angelina Jolie looking great with platinum blonde hair as the character Sara ‘Sway’ Wayland. And more than that she has it styled with sort-of faux twisted dreads that are super edgy for when the movie was made. 

10 side undercut hairstyles for women

Side undercut hairstyles are so hot right now. And just getting more popular with Natalie Dormer having rocked the shaved side look in the latest Hunger Games movie. But don’t think they are all the same, lots different kinds of people with different styles and face shapes can make ’em look great!  I especially like the undercut with a horse mane braid style and the long brunette hair with red dyed ends.

Also try Nape undercut hairstyles for when “the back of yo head is ridiculous.”  **look that upon youtube if you don’t get it.**