The Shannara Chronicles Hairstyles

The new MTV show The Shannara Chronicles joins several other new post-apolyctitpical dystopian future style science fiction and fantasy shows like The 100, Into The Badlands, and Vikings. I’m, obviously, eating it up because I love just about all fantasy shows that aren’t disastrously terrible; and thus far, it’s been a great immersive and cinematic experience getting into a new worlds mythos. While it still has the feel of a CW teen drama, mtv seems to be pushing a bit on the limits of nudity, and the show will hopefully get a bit grittier as the season progresses.

Faux Undercut style side braids

Can’t decide if you want to chop off half your hair? Hairstyle inspiration pictures. Try the faux undercut side braid to sample the look without the commitment of having to shave the side of your head. Stylish and pretty new hairstyles.