Just The Tip

Check out these 15 hair color inspiration ideas for dying just the ends of your hair. Clearly I like long wavy hair. this first one with great blonde hair and purple ends is may favorite of the bunch, but I’m loving the pink ends too.

Bright Yellow Hair – 7 unique color inspiration photos

Not a color you see often, but so unique and cool. This isn’t your ordinary brighter blonde color, nope, it’s real intense gold to highlighter yellow!

7 Bright Yellow Hair unique color inspiration pictures.

50 scene hairstyles

Scene or emo hairstyles, despite trying to be counter-culture, are really interesting and fun. Lots of color, patterns, and different cut styles make these looks great. I hope more people venture beyond corporate boring styles and try some of these, or your own variations. Anyway, huge 50 pic dump. enjoy, get inspired, etc.