keeping hair color vibrant

Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

When you color treat your hair, you want to keep it looking like the day you got it done for weeks. To keep your hair color from fading, it just takes some simple steps to protect your hair and keep the color vibrant. (more…)

how to choose sunglasses for your face shape

Choosing sunglasses for your face shape

Just a few tips on how to choose sunglasses for your face shape.


Heart shaped faces:

Cat-eye or other round frame glasses.



Long narrow faces:

Cat-eye or other round frame glasses.



Oval Faces:

Any Sunglasses! Luck you.



Round Faces:

Wide, rectangular frames.



Square Faces:

Round, oval or cat’s eye sunglasses.

hair color tips

Hair Color Tips

Hair Color Tips – Blonde, Brunette, Red… and more unique colors.

Pick a hair color that will compliment your skin tone and make it glow. There are two common skin tone types, warm and cool. If your skin has a bluish gray undertone and you don’t tan easily you most likely have a cool skin tone. If your skin has a peachy golden undertone and you do tan easily you most likely have a warm skin tone.
Tip: Never go more then a couple shades away from your natural color unless you’re able to keep up the hair color maintenance.


Blonde Hair:

Cool skin tones: Pick soothing shades of blonde, i.e. ash blonde, beige, and honey.
Warm skin tones: Pick rich shades of blonde, i.e. golden, bronze, and caramel.

Coloring your hair at home tips:

  • If you are trying to go lighter then your natural hair color you need to be careful, if you leave the color in to long it may end up with an orangey tint.
  • When looking at the color on the box pick shades that are subtle to get better results.
  • Always use a blonde color protector shampoo and conditioner to lock in your color longer.


Brunette Hair:

Cool skin tones: Pick soothing shades of brunette; i.e. honey brown and ash brown
Warm skin tones: Pick rich shades of brunette, i.e. chestnut, and chocolate

Coloring your hair at home tips:

  • When choosing a hair color, pick a color 1-2 shades lighter then what you want, your hair will tend to end up darker then the color on the box.
  • The hair dye may be ready to wash out early. Depending on your hair’s porosity it may have colored quicker then the recommended time to leave in.
  • Always use a brunette color protector shampoo and conditioner to keep your color bright and fresh.

Red Hair:

Cool skin tones: Pick soothing shades of red, i.e. burgundy and golden strawberry,

Warm skin tones: Pick rich shades of red, i.e. auburn and copper

Coloring your hair at home tips:

  • Almost anyone can be a redhead, but be careful not to pick a color that is too harsh or drastic.
  • While the hair dye is on your hair, check it regularly in the mirror, when it’s the color you want, let the color sit for a couple more minutes to get your ideal color.
  • Red hair color fades the fastest. It is very important to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to enhance and protect colored hair.


Unique Hair Colors:

– shades of red, burgundy, golden strawberry, Green, Purple, Pink, etc.

Unique hair color tips:

  • If you want to use a permanent hair color consider what you do on a daily basis and make sure that it wont conflict with work, school, etc.
  • A semi-permanent color is what you want to use if you are only wanting the color for an occasion.
  • If you currently have dyed blonde hair and you want to try another color be careful, your hair is very porous.
hair dryer glossary

The Hair Dryer Glossary

The Hair Dryer Glossary

Know what your buying when you’re looking for a new blow dryer.



Often used it professional hair dryers. It’s less noisy, but weighs more and usually lasts longer.



Stuff like diffusers and nozzles that spread out heat and air in different ways. BLOWDRYER BRUSH: Basically what it sounds like. A multi-purpose styler which combines a brush and a blowdryer.



Ceramic technology is used to push Soft Heat more evenly throughout your hair. COLD SHOT: A feature on your hair dryer that gives a blast of cold air to help set hair and further close the cuticle. DC



Normally found in less expensive hair dryers. Lighter in weight but doesn’t last as long as an AC type motor. DIFFUSER: An attachment used to dry naturally curly of wavy hair without messing up the pattern of the hair.



Negatively charged ions are generated to dry hair faster by breaking up water droplets at higher speeds. That’s just science. 🙂 INFRARED HEAT: A laser-like technology that heats up your hair from the inside out.



Adjust your temperature, yo.



A type of stone used to increase the production of negatively charged ions.



The amount of electricity you’re gonna fry yourself with if you drop it in the bath tub. J/K there are safety features that cut off the power if you do that.