The 30 Worst Hairstyles On The Internet

Focusing on all the most amazing hairstyles from movies and tv shows all the time isn’t healthy. The actors have an army of stylists making them look incredible for every scene. So to give us a bit of a reality check when our own hair isn’t perfect and to remind us about how much worse it could be (even sports celebrities have shit hair). Here are some of the worst hairstyles and haircuts on the internet. And wow are they bad, from the helicopter (not that one, lol) to a bowl cut with a rat tail finding anything worse will be a serious challenge.

Great Hair Expectations

We all have great expectations from our hair. Just a quick comic drawing of expectations vs reality that we’ve all probably experiences with out hair. lol

Iguana Be Your Hairstyle

Iguana Be Your Hairstyle. Seriously though, way to many people have had an iguana or other lizard carved out of their hair. Looks pretty cool.. for five minutes.


  • Iguana be on your head.
  • Iguana different hairstyle?
  • The fabled Hairguana.
  • Iguana be your friend?

Tennis Ball Haircut

Just some random ridiculousness for you today. Check out this tennis ball haircut. I get being into a sport, but this is a bit much with the face paint and all.