Rihannas Many Great Short Hairstyles

Check out these amazing short hairstyles Rihanna has had over the last few years. From long red hair, braids, and undercuts to these varied short hairstyles, Rihanna has had too many over the last few years to keep track of. Not all amazing (jk they are), but surprising that she can flawlessly pull off just about any short hair cut, style, or color. I’m a huge fan of the pompadour look with buzzed sides and fun top that you can rake forward for a less edgy and simpler look when you don’t have time for all that. Here are 38 photos of Rihanna’s short hairstyles, loosely ordered from shortest to longest. 

25 Great Photos of Rihanna’s Red Hair

From Vogue Magazine photo shoots to sports events or just out on the town. Rihanna has had lots of red hairstyles of all lengths, shades of red, and styles from straight to frizzy curly. I think we can all agree that she looks great in the intense red, a real powerful style statement.