10 side undercut hairstyles for women

Side undercut hairstyles are so hot right now. And just getting more popular with Natalie Dormer having rocked the shaved side look in the latest Hunger Games movie. But don’t think they are all the same, lots different kinds of people with different styles and face shapes can make ’em look great!  I especially like the undercut with a horse mane braid style and the long brunette hair with red dyed ends.

Also try Nape undercut hairstyles for when “the back of yo head is ridiculous.”  **look that upon youtube if you don’t get it.**

Ultra Violet Movie Hairstyle – Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich in Ultraviolet again has amazingly colored hairstyles. Like in The Fifth Element with her orange hair this new purple style looks great…  though I prefer the shorter more messy look in the other movie. 🙂

The color changing effects in Ultraviolet are also super cool. I like the screenshot below where she has almost all black hair with an amazing color of purple/blue on the tips.  Check out the movie for other interesting hairstyles on the other characters like really long dreads or other chicks with purple hair.