70+ Hot Undercut Hairstyles

Undercuts may seem like a a quick trend, but they’re not going away any time soon. If anything they are just becoming more prevalent. Women are doing full undercuts to the point of the mens “top knot” style. But with so many options how do you choose? Celebrities like Cassie and  Natalie Dormer make the side undercut look particularly good.

17 Side Undercut Hairstyle Designs Clipper Patterns

Undercut clipper designs for people of all hair types!  Swirls, concentric stars, and even a Louis Vuitton style hair design. But be careful where you get these done.. they take a real artistic eye and a steady hand to get the to look good.

Daily Hair Spotting – Highlighter Green Hair with Shaved Undercut

Todays Hair: Super ridiculous long Highlighter Green Hair with a shaved undercut style. Seriously amazing color.

Daily Hair Spotting – Short blonde hairstyle with purple undercut

Todays hairstyle: A cute short blonde hairstyle with dyed purple undercut. Really nice idea to color the undercut sides and back instead of the top like most people do. And then using some kind of hair wax to make the blonde part on top chunky and stand up some. Very nice.

50 Great Cassie Hairstyles Photos

50 Great Cassie Hairstyles Photos.

Cassie has been rocking the side undercut for a while now but it’s just now hitting mainstream society and being accepted in most places as cool instead of being weird. Over the past while she’s had almost as many hairstyles as Rihanna! Personally, I like the looks with braided and fun updos.. and of course the naturally curly look is cool.

Cara Delevingne undercut style braid

Not ready to take the plunge and shave one side of your head? Test out the undercut style for a couple days by braiding one side. Here are some examples from model and actress Cara Delevingne. undercut style braid.

Natalie Dormer shaved undercut hairstyle

Natalie Dormer’s shaved undercut hairstyle is unbelievably hott. Apparently done specifically for her upcoming role in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay movie where she plays Cressida, a badass with a tattoo that goes from the side of her head all the way down the side of her body.  Don’t forget to take a look at all the cool ear jewelry she’s wearing!

Check out these pics of her in real life and photo shoots for some ideas on how to wear your undercut hairstyle.

Faux Undercut style side braids

Can’t decide if you want to chop off half your hair? Hairstyle inspiration pictures. Try the faux undercut side braid to sample the look without the commitment of having to shave the side of your head. Stylish and pretty new hairstyles.